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We all know office work is a relic of the industrial age. It doesn’t matter if you’re remote, hybrid, across multiple time-zones or working from the moon. Our proven patterns for remote and hybrid working will drive high performance. Drive employee engagement with collaborative organisational design tools

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Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to your remote or hybrid challenges - with remote:af, you can tailor our modular tools to fit your unique needs and context. Our approach is designed to guide you towards solving your own problems, not simply force-feeding you cookie-cutter solutions. And with techniques anchored in research and tested across multiple industries, you can trust that our tools are simple to adapt to your context.

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how it works

choose adventure

Pick the change your organisation needs and let the patterns guide you through the steps.

pick how you access

There are a variety of options including self-paced study, guided learning and assisted facilitation.

make it yours

Overcome your specific challenges by adding your contextual know-how.

apply it

Take your knowledge, templates and tools into your business and reshape it to be more successful.

pick your change

align people with strategy, op model and team group
align people with strategy

Use the expertise of your people to reorganise into a structure that makes your strategy possible.

form a team

Intentionally design your team’s culture, ways of working and operating rhythm without the constraints of frameworks.

form a team, team launch and event design
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remote:af Guide

At remote:af, our Guides know that the traditional nine-to-five office work is becoming a relic of the past. They lead organizations, divisions, and teams towards exceptional outcomes while prioritizing the well-being of workers. If you're looking to transform your workplace with cutting-edge, context-emergent techniques, then becoming a remote:af Guide is the way to go. Immediate access to the 'Teams' and 'Divisions' toolkit File support for Miro, Mural, PowerPoint and PDFs Customized one-on-one onboarding Methods to blend and customize the toolkit An impressive digital badge One year access to Guide's Forum learning sessions. Price: $1500 USD, after the first year $150 annually