dynamically adaptive tools

orchestrate digital and hybrid teams with ease

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operating model design
your team building the change they need to own
remote governance
understand and improve enterprise governance
strategic planning
defines goals and measures that align entire organisations
strategy design
defines the long-lived strategic planks that can evolve over time


leadership launch
set up leadership teams for success
strategy pre-mortem
find the weakness in your strategy
leadership map
deconstruct the broken supports in your leadership team
group launch
bring interdependent teams together for a common purpose
group plan
say goodbye to messy group planning


team planning
reduce uncertainty, increase understanding, foster improvements
inter-team agreement
perpetual dependency and handover resolution
team launch
give every team a strong foundation
team reflection
integrate improvement over time
team review
transparency that builds trust


virtual obeya
essential information from the organisation to the organisation
backlog filter
triage work based on complexity
event design
enhance the efficiency of your work