code of conduct

Last Updated: 16 November 2020

All people using remote:af agree to abide by the following professional conduct standards: Meet people where they are. Don’t expect that people that you are training or guiding have been on the same journey as yourself. Try to understand where they are in their journey and tailor your approach to their needs. Small steps. Do the right thing by your customers. Be ethical in your sales process, price your services fairly considering their circumstances, and deliver to the highest standards you are capable of. Do the right thing by your people. If you employ or manage people, treat them  with respect and trust them. Provide an environment where they can learn and grow under your direction. Do the right thing by your peers. Don’t speak ill of your fellow remote:af Practitioners, guides or partners in public or private. If you have nothing nice to say then remain silent. We can’t have the impact we want to have if there is community infighting. Be aware. Be aware of cultural differences and perceptions. When providing training or services, create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. Be a positive agent for change. Leverage moments of influence to help individuals and organisations think more holistically about their organisation’s impact on society and the environment. Respect our IP and Brand Guidelines. To preserve the value in your accreditation and the value in remote:af, please treat our intellectual property and brand with the utmost respect. Whenever you use our content, you have to provide attribution to remote:af. We work hard to build things that create positive change with high visual impact, please don’t diminish the value of that work. Respect the legislative framework in which you operate. Do the right thing according to the laws of the land in which you operate. And perhaps most importantly... Speak up. If you see anyone doing the wrong thing (including us!) under the remote:af banner, let us know.