remote governance

understand and improve enterprise governance

Traditional governance methods fall short in the modern context, necessitating a redesign to align with the new way of working. By providing alignment, insight, and enabling decision-making in the right context, our solution empowers you to create value and ensure effective governance. With a focus on transparency, leadership adaptation, and interlinking systems, our product guides the development and implementation of a governance model.

define the type of organisation you want to be

  • Redefining control mechanisms for modern enterprises
  • Empowering leaders to navigate remote settings with confidence
  • Define regular events that reduce administrative overhead

remote governance

Clear the mess from your decision making and policies.

Learning outcomes:

  • a fundamental understanding of how to use remote:af tools
  • practical experience developing a contemporary governance system
  • understanding of how to leverage the four pillars of governance; transparency, systems, data and leadership
  • understanding of how to apply the SEEM model to any context
  • facilitation guidance for someone on your team to maintain and continue governance improvement

What you get:

  • One person on your team onboarded as a remote:af Guide
  • A streamlined governance system for a section of organisation
  • A preparation call with the remote:af team to customise your applied training workshop
  • License for a facilitator in your team to use remote:af Governance
  • Back-ups of your teams work your chosen format (Mural, Miro, Powerpoint etc)
  • A blank copy of the remote:af Governance kit in your chosen format
  • PDF back-ups of your teams work and blank copies for future use

Duration: 20 hours over one month

Price: $27,000 USD

rationalise your system

Looking to navigate the complexities of remote governance? Our structured set of principles, structures, and patterns provides the guidance you need. Whether you're a small organisation experiencing growth, a large company seeking new ways of governing, or a modern leader adapting to remote work challenges, our system is designed to address your specific needs.

Embrace the challenges of remote working with confidence. Our system empowers modern leaders to align their teams, cultivate trust, and promote transparency. Discover a new approach to remote governance that unlocks success in the digital era.

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