strategic planning

defines goals and measures that align entire organisations

remote:af strategic planning is a collaborative method of goal-setting that involves teams in the process of creating strategic objectives, whilst focusing the organisation on the things that matter. It’s designed for remote leaders who are looking for focus and alignment while tackling ambitious targets.

connecting strategy to execution

  • Realign your organisation to strategic drivers
  • Evaluate previous OKR cycles for accuracy, completion and external factors
  • Shape objectives that prioritize value creation, guided by situational awareness and strategic insights
  • Define key results that enable goal setting and provide a means to track progress towards objectives
  • Create a living artifact that serves as a repeatable guide for strategic planning

strategic planning

Strategic planning should form an essential part of an organisation’s cadence. A strong strategic planning activity ensures this is the case by applying a repeatable collaborative planning process that assures focus and alignment with the organisational strategic direction. It does this by: 

  • defining goals and measures for the enterprise
  • defining short goals and measures for the Team Groups
  • alignment with enterprise direction and goals
  • goal setting and measures for Teams

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