team group

bring interdependent teams together for a common purpose

We all know the critical importance of both leaders and interdependent teams understanding the context in which they are working. However, too often differing teams within an organisation become segregated within their individual silos, making communication a nightmare. Don’t let this be you.

establish the culture for a group of teams

  • Align on the team group's purpose
  • Explicitly design the team groups culture
  • Map the key people that enable the group to work
  • Articulate the team structure and their interplay
  • Identify the first practical improvement items

design a 'System of Work' for your group

  • Develop a comprehensive shared understanding of context
  • Curate and test measures that demonstrate performance
  • Model decision making within the team group
  • Establish a portfolio workflow, from demand to rework
streamline communication within the group
  • Declutter communication between teams
  • Redesign regular alignment events to save time

The remote:af Group Launch is an all-inclusive programme that helps to bring people, processes, technology and equipment together, delivering more value to your organisation as a result. With focus placed on interdependent teams, our tools can be used to help establish team identity whilst developing a ‘system of work’ in order to declutter and streamline communication.

The remote:af Group Launch can be finalised in as little as two days and, upon completion, can be used as a basis to form all of the constituent teams within your place of work.

what makes a tool?


There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Our tools are crafted to give you and your team the steps a world-class consultant would use.


The tools aren't just individual solutions - they work together to create a dynamic and impactful system that drive material business outcomes.


Each tool is like a buffet of delicious business solutions - pick and choose only the options that are right for you. Plus, you can always come back for seconds.

industry adaptable

We test everything across different industries to ensure that businesses of all kinds can understand and use the tools.
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