four more tools to help with hybrid work

We've stumbled across a bunch of new and interesting tools.

April 14, 2022

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Here we are again! It's been a while since the last time I've posted and we've stumbled across a bunch of new and interesting tools. A couple of ground rules;

  • I'm here to share not to review, awareness is the aim here
  • This is not sponsored, I do this for the love of flexible workplaces

Cool? Ok, let's jump in.


Have a bunch of office space across different locations? Not sure who's going to be in office tomorrow? KettleOS is there to help navigate hybrid workplaces. This app provides a lot of the same scheduling features that you'd find in other booking systems. To me, tracking the it's the utilisation reports for each site that make it shine. You can see when a room or building isn't useful to your team anymore and make data informed lease decisions.

Click here to check out KettleOS.


Want to find out where the coolest remote jobs are? What about which organisations are yet to commit? RemoteRated follows the vein of sites like Glassdoor, but focuses on remote working. On RemoteRated you'll find reviews on most household names, along with a bunch of remote-first companies. Not limited to workplaces, RemoteRated also hosts reviews of remote friendly software. 

Click here to check out RemoteRated


My misspent youth is showing with this one. If you've heard of Slack, then you already know what Discord is. Where Discord differs is in it's pricing, and it's persistent voice-chat rooms. Discord's Nitro plan is pound for pound a better deal than Slack (I use both every day, don't come for me). Where Discord likely stumbles in the corporate landscape is its branding. It looks and feels like it's built for gamers, because it is. If that isn't an issue for your team, then it might be a good option to look at.

Click here to check out Discord.


I warned of niche and here it comes. Dovetail is an online platform for customer research. At it's core, Dovetail has a lot in common with knowledge base tools such as Confluence and Papyrs. The cool-factor hits when you experience Dovetail's transcription capabilities and reporting. I didn't dive in deep enough to grant a verdict, but the native insights function seemed like it could generate some interesting results.

Click here to check out Dovetail.


There we have it, four more tools for hybrid and remote working that you might not have heard of. I have a lot of fun putting these together, so if you've heard of a hybrid-remote friendly tool that sounds interesting, then let me know via LinkedIn or at