Three location agnostic tools you might not know about

Learn about some of the other tools available and emerging in location irrelevant work

September 22, 2021

As remote:af has continued to grow we’ve had a fantastic opportunity to learn about some of the other tools available and emerging in location irrelevant work. Since some of these tools are emergent I thought it’d be helpful to put together a brief overview.


I’ve seen very few tools that provide the same level of clarity of an organisation that TeamForm does. TeamForm links organisational structure to the work and enables you to see how individuals relate to their teams within the organisation. In distributed environments it’s easy to lose track of how the structure of teams relates to performance. It’s been a long held belief of mine that it’s often overlooked that the humans in organisations deliver value, TeamForm does a fantastic job of visualising this dynamically and connecting it with performance data.



A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Butter Co-Founder, Jakob Knutzen. He shared with me that Butter started from a place of bringing the magic of face to face workshops online, after using it for the past few weeks it certainly shows. I’ve tried out Butter for hosting online training, team meetings and even a couple of personal catch ups. With an ambitious roadmap, regular updates and an absolutely hilarious soundboard Butter is well worth trying out.

For workshops as smooth as Butter:


A workshop in a pizza box that focuses on building collaboration within a team. Collaborizza’s biggest selling point to me is that it’s self delivered in a collocated context, in the digital landscape they offer enablement for the team’s facilitator along with digital assets. What I really appreciate about Collaborizza is the thought and care that goes into maintaining parity in the experience of collocated teams as well as the distributed teams. With a specific focus on supporting the team's collaboration practices it also isn’t constrained by your organisation's choice of framework.

Get your collaborative pizza here: