virtual obeya

essential information from the organisation to the organisation

When working in remote/hybrid environments, timely decisions and systems of work interventions are crucial. The Virtual Obeya it provides essential information flow in the form of lead and lag indicators of business performance as well as cultural and human heuristics at the organisational, team of team and even team layers  enabling those decisions.

virtual obeya design studio

  • visualised the decomposition of strategy to provide directional alignment (the direction of travel). 
  • visualised the work portfolio across teams, multiple teams, programs or areas of the organisation
  • visualised understanding of progress, performance and flow efficiency of an organisation
  • visualised of personal and team health, social connections, external interactions, working hours

Want to bring everyone onto the same page in your business? Learn how to apply this tool in your context with your challenges.

Learning outcomes:

  • a fundamental understanding of how to use remote:af tools
  • practical experience building a virtual obeya in your context
  • understanding how to source relevant insights in your business
  • experience validating and interrogating information flows
  • facilitation guidance for someone on your team to help guide future designs

What you get:

  • A prototype virtual obeya
  • A preparation call with the remote:af team to customise your applied training workshop
  • License for a facilitator in your team to use Virtual Obeya toolkit
  • Back-ups of your teams work your chosen format (Mural, Miro, Powerpoint etc)
  • A blank copy of the virtual obeya design kit in your chosen format
  • PDF back-ups of your teams work and blank copies for future use

Durations: 6 hours - this can be split into multiple sessions

Price: $3,000 USD

align your team

Unlock the power of the Virtual Obeya, your key to understanding your organisation's inner workings. Start with your strategy, breaking it down into clear objectives for alignment. Embrace Kanban systems for seamless team coordination. Dive into data analysis to make informed decisions and manage risks, issues, and dependencies. Nurture a healthy culture with insights on team dynamics. Take charge of continuous improvement, tailored to your unique needs. Explore the Strategy, Work, Data, and Culture zones within the Virtual Obeya, and create your own path to value and success.

what makes a tool?


There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Our tools are crafted to give you and your team the steps a world-class consultant would use.


The tools aren't just individual solutions - they work together to create a dynamic and impactful system that drive material business outcomes.


Each tool is like a buffet of delicious business solutions - pick and choose only the options that are right for you. Plus, you can always come back for seconds.

industry adaptable

We test everything across different industries to ensure that businesses of all kinds can understand and use the tools.

why remote:af?

With our cutting-edge tools and resources, you have the means to revolutionise your organisation from within. Embrace a DIY approach to success. Leverage remote:af's expertise in operating model design to equip your team with the necessary tools and strategies to thrive in the remote work landscape. Unlock the full potential of your team, optimize workflows, and foster seamless collaboration, all while adapting to the ever-changing business landscape. Experience a future where your team excels, no matter where they are located. Embrace remote:af and witness the transformation firsthand – driving productivity, innovation, and success throughout your organisation.