leadership launch

set up leadership teams for success

Leadership is at the forefront of any great team, yet it’s so easy for leadership teams to fall into misalignment or dreaded meeting traps instead of focusing on what matters. Our remote:af Leadership Launch tools can help lift your leadership team out of this cycle, creating stronger, more communicative teams as a result.

form a shared understanding of good leadership behaviours

  • Establish the team's identity in the company
  • Describe the one thing your team needs to succeed at
  • Surface the psychological safety hazards
  • Agree working hour availability
  • Understand the different leadership perspectives
  • Explicitly design team culture

create clear flows of information for fast decision making

  • Map valuable leadership time to how their time is spent
  • Negotiate decision delegation to accelerate change
  • Determine methods for navigating tense decisions
  • Define the success measures that will matter in future
  • Model the current measures of success
streamline communication from leaders to their teams
  • Declutter alignment methods between leaders
  • Agree domain policies for transparency
  • Agree domain policies for work
  • Agree domain policies for leaders
  • Agree domain policies for systems

The remote:af Leadership Launch is a set of tools that help leadership teams establish, refine and maintain the expected behaviours necessary to bring about high-performing teams, all whilst reducing contact time and improving communication channels. Through a mix of asynchronous collaboration and targeted conversations, your leadership team can create a "living document" that can be matured and updated as your team evolves.

The remote:af Leadership Launch takes as little as 4 hours to complete. In this time, alignment amongst leadership teams is improved, allowing leaders to maximise the value of their time whilst achieving a stronger team identity as a result.

what makes a tool?


There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Our tools are crafted to give you and your team the steps a world-class consultant would use.


The tools aren't just individual solutions - they work together to create a dynamic and impactful system that drive material business outcomes.


Each tool is like a buffet of delicious business solutions - pick and choose only the options that are right for you. Plus, you can always come back for seconds.

industry adaptable

We test everything across different industries to ensure that businesses of all kinds can understand and use the tools.

why remote:af?

With our cutting-edge tools and resources, you have the means to revolutionise your organisation from within. Embrace a DIY approach to success. Leverage remote:af's expertise in operating model design to equip your team with the necessary tools and strategies to thrive in the remote work landscape. Unlock the full potential of your team, optimize workflows, and foster seamless collaboration, all while adapting to the ever-changing business landscape. Experience a future where your team excels, no matter where they are located. Embrace remote:af and witness the transformation firsthand – driving productivity, innovation, and success throughout your organisation.