strategy pre-mortem

find the weakness in your strategy

Based on what study you read, the failure rate of strategy ranges from 15% to 90%. It’s time to remove the uncertainty. There are challenges with aligning diverse teams and ensuring seamless execution. Shift your team’s lens using a Strategic Pre-Mortem that tests your organisational intent against the constraints and unforeseen challenges.

strategy with clarity

  • Summarised coalition of insights about the effort to deliver strategy
  • Clarification of the key constraints that present risk
  • Test results of the strategy through different failure lenses

save your strategy with decisive action

  • Negotiate changes for the constraints that will force failure
  • Disseminate the key work items that will bring strategy to life
  • Communicate the challenges, opportunities and support needed for the strategy

The Strategy Pre-Mortem preferences asynchronous collaboration, allowing team members to contribute their insights with limited distractions. This encourages deep thinking and broad participation, making sure no stone is left unturned. Using the insights and experience of your team as a foundation, the strategy is then tested against your constraints and risks to surface the critical actions required to build certainty into your initiative.

what makes a tool?


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