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deconstruct the broken supports in your leadership team

Transform your leadership team with our Leadership Map, grounded in Ken Wilber's Integral Theory. The Leadership Map helps you identify and address the mismatch between what leaders expect and how they actually behave - a common source of team dysfunction. The Leadership Map offers a succinct method to surface actionable steps that align leadership behaviours with team objectives and individual career goals. This approach not only resolves team dysfunctions, but also contributes to each leader's personal growth.

take a real step in solving leadership dysfunction

  • Form a leadership system
  • Support mechanisms for leaders going through change
  • Actionable steps leaders can take to resolve poor collaboration scores
  • Resolutions for unproductive leadership team tensions

In as swiftly as three hours, The Leadership Map helps leaders to have a structured conversation about some of the key challenges that they face in leading teams or working together. It brings forward powerful conversations and more importantly provides collaboratively built improvement actions that can shift leadership in your organisation to have multiplicative benefits across teams.

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