team review

transparency that builds trust

All team reviews are not created equal. The remote:af team review have been specifically created for your sort of team (Product, Mission, Operations). Additionally to complementing your team type, they take into account asynchronous techniques to eliminate availability reliance.

The remote:af team review provides the ability to recognise achievement while also giving the immediate stakeholders and the wider organisation a view of the value delivered. It maintains transparency while increasing confidence in their ability to perform.

product team review

  • Demonstrated progress/value delivered during the timebox
  • Context and background of the value delivered
  • Expected ROI on the value delivered
  • Feedback from the customer / stakeholder
  • Where incremental funding is used, agreement to proceed and fund further

mission team review

  • Provides a focus on the value delivered for the end customer
  • Demonstrates the actual increment of value ( differs from pure feature or product delivery ) 
  • Tests early with customers / end users to establish validity of approach 
  • Where incremental funding is used-agreement to proceed and fund further
operations team review
  • Metrics of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Successes of the team
  • Challenges for the team 
  • Learnings/improvements identified and solutions implemented

The team review tool focuses on radiation of information to the organisation and stakeholders in order to maintain transparency and derive feedback. For each of the team types (Product, Mission, Operations) the appropriate focus for the playback is considered.

  • Product Teams focus on demonstrating the progress and value delivered and return on investment 
  • Mission Teams focus on demonstrating the increment of value delivered and testing the validity of the approach
  • Operation Teams focus on data to show efficiency, effectiveness and improvement that ultimately increase speed to value

Regular use of the team review tool fosters faith in the team's ability to provide value successfully. To accommodate most delivery cycles and strike a balance between teams' and stakeholders' availability, the review is done once a month. In order to further reduce reliance on stakeholder availability, the tool makes use of approaches for asynchronous review.

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