backlog filter

triage work based on complexity

The backlog filter is a tool used to surface high risk work items. This canvas looks at work through the lens of complexity by focusing on the teams' knowledge. Understanding which work items need attention allows managers to intervene. De-risk the work and improve predictability for the team.

clarify work complexity at any scale

  • clarity of which work items are most likely to derail your timelines
  • recommended next steps for each category of work based on it's complexity
  • a method for communicating work complexity to stakeholders

Untangle the mess in your work and sift out the problems.

Learning outcomes:

  • a fundamental understanding of how to use remote:af tools
  • practical experience triaging work based on complexity
  • facilitation guidance for someone on your team to support future backlogs

What you get:

  • A piece of work of portion of your backlog filtered based on complexity with actions for high risk items
  • A preparation call with the remote:af team to customise your applied training workshop
  • License for a facilitator in your team to use the Backlog Filter
  • Back-ups of your teams work your chosen format (Mural, Miro, Powerpoint etc)
  • A blank copy of the event design kit in your chosen format
  • PDF back-ups of your teams work and blank copies for future use

Durations: 4 hours, single session

Price: $2,000 USD

demystify the work

Common signals for using the remote:af backlog filter are;

  • the team is exploring new work that has arrived in its backlog
  • the team needs to deliver work outside their regular expertise
  • the team has struggled with forecasting work effectively
  • the team needs to communicate when things are likely to be delivered and/or the risk to delivery forecasts

Through a workshop, or asynchronously, the team/s filter their work based on complexity. Once the work is filtered the team then actions the work based on it's category.

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