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remote:af Guide

Wanna be at the forefront of the future of work whilst elevating your career? Well look no further. Our cutting-edge guide courses equip you with the expertise and training necessary to transform your workplace into forward-thinking, invincible organisations whilst prioritising the wellbeing of workers. In as little as three hours we'll have you prepped and ready to start solving remote challenges, align asynchronous functioning teams and even craft entire operating models!

Why not join over 100 remote:af Guides supporting companies like Bupa and Spotify and become a remote:af guide today!

We’ll also provide you with:
- Immediate access to the 'Teams' and 'Divisions' toolkit
- File support for Miro, Mural, PowerPoint and PDFs
- Customized one-on-one onboarding
- Methods to blend and customize the toolkit
- An impressive digital badge
- One year access to Guide's Forum learning sessions.

Price: $1500 USD, after the first year $150 annually