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Applicable to any organisation that is working in a fully remote or distributed teams model, remote:af enhances remote working for all levels of business and industries.

our early adopters

The remote:af Early Adopters pioneer remote working and distributed collaboration around the world. The remote:af Early Adopters are a diverse collective that gathered to review and critique the remote agility framework. The remote:af Early Adopters are here to supercharge remote working in your community.
Alex Gbaguidi

Alex boasts 20+ years in IT consulting and is an experienced agile coach and trainer. He is passionate about helping teams discover the best ways of working adapted to their context. Alex provides training on agile frameworks and methods all around the world.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is a business agility adviser for organisations looking to develop new capabilities, increase performance, adopt new ways of working and improve employee engagement. He advises clients across a wide range of industries and methods including OKRs, Wardley Maps, Product Discovery, Kanban, and Actionable Performance Metrics.

Chamara Somaratne

Chamara is an outcome-driven, highly collaborative transformation leader with exceptional experience across the technical and business domains. For two decades executive leaders have trusted Chamara to craft strategies and multi-disciplinary teams to innovate, scale and transform.

Cindy Carless

Cindy is interested in learning and people. Retrospectives are one of her passions. She even uses them and offers them for personal growth and self improvement. She works as a context driven software tester. She has a passion for coaching and facilitation too, which she uses to grow the craft of testing, build meaningful relationships and get the most from group interactions.

Evelyn Lekhtman

Evelyn is a non-exec director level agile coach/transformational leader, speaker and practitioner with a trusted pair of hands, an exceptionally positive mindset, an infectious enthusiastic attitude and a great passion for agility.

Guillem Sola

Guillem helps organisations improve agile software development skills through classes, courses, coding dojos but also in coaching and mentoring. Guillem boasts over 10 years experience in agile development and consulting.

Jay-Allen Morris

Jay-Allen has a background in Humanities which has been invaluable in her various roles within the tech industry and she found it natural to transition into the role of an Agile Coach. She has experience coaching software and business teams and loves finding ways of making remote spaces more human and engaging.

John Farrow

John has 18 years of experience as Business and IT executive coach, as well as Program Director and senior project manager on major ICT and business initiatives in the financial services, insurance, logistics/warehousing, local & state government, Telco and payments sectors.

Julie Newham

Julie has extensive experience in Information Technology with banking /telecommunications industries using agile, lean and system thinking methodologies. Julie is results orientated, collaborative, and excellent people leader. Has a strong focus on people, with ability to develop effective, highly engaged individuals and teams that focus on the customer to deliver business value.

Kirsten Clacey

Kirsten has a background in clinical and neuropsychology, she has focused on coaching software teams, with a special focus on distributed environments. Using a combination of adapted facilitation techniques, team coaching methods and Agile frameworks she helps remote teams get better.

Manoj Khanna

Manoj helps people and businesses to innovate, transform, and keep them ahead of the curve, as well as providing bespoke strategic advice to guide them through any challenges they are encountering. He has a proven track record of delivering top-quality guidance and knowledge to his clients, ensuring that they remain ahead of their competitors and at the forefront of their markets.

Mark Kilby

Mark is an agile coach and mentor helping organizations achieve profound productivity increased quality, and intense customer loyalty to rapidly adapt and thrive in today's marketplace. Interests include organizational change, breakthrough methods, collaboration techniques and technologies for distributed and co-located teams.


remote:af partners


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Our remote:af partners provide flexible learning solutions, from traditional face to face to remote learning via online platforms that enable you to provide timely and contextual training for your people.


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