Team Review
We hold Review’s of our work to the organisation, providing the team an opportunity to elicit feedback from stakeholders on the value delivered. The Remote AF review is held at least once a month to maintain transparency to the wider organisation. Regular Reviews build trust in the team's capability to effectively deliver value.


The advantage of remote working is that we can easily record our reviews and create a library for interested stakeholders that are accessible asynchronously. This also removes the dependency on key stakeholder availability as they’re able to access the Review content at convenience. The attendees of the review will vary based on the value delivered. Below are examples of people a Remote AF team invites to a Review;

  • Interested members of our organisation, such as;
  • Representatives of the Team of Teams
  • Teams that add work to our backlog
  • Teams that receive our work
  • Leadership that sponsor our work
  • Internal users of developed features
  • Interested people external to our organisation, such as;
  • Customers
  • Regulators
  • Partner organisations
  • Service Providers

For a team to facilitate a Review successfully, we provide them;

  • Access to video conferencing software
  • Tested recording software

Facilitation notes

  • Team members present the work they completed (re-word not aligned to async behaviour we are driving)
  • Users to participate in the demonstration for new functionality
  • For each work item presented at the Review, the team member;
  • Discusses the context and background of the work item
  • Facilitates the demonstration of the feature
  • Articulates the expected return on investment
  • Articulates measures being used to assess the return on investment (where applicable)

Review radiation

Where there are no legal constraints or commercial risk, we make the content of the Review available to the whole organisation in a commonly used repository. Where there are constraints that prevent the team from publishing recordings, automated transcripts with sensitive information redacted are still published to maintain transparency. By prioritising transparency in the absence of risk the team builds trust with the organisation.

asynchronous review

Some teams in the “new normal” are significantly distributed across time zones or have a high volume of stakeholders engaged in feedback loops. These teams can experiment with a pattern for asynchronous review by recording and publishing work as it’s completed.

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