launch teams with confidence

Looking for that extra boost in unlocking your team's potential? In this 90 minute self-paced module you'll learn all the tips and tricks remote:af Guides use to the get the most out of their Team Launch.

You'll get:

  • 90 minutes of online, self-paced learning
  • A detailed facilitators handbook
  • High resolution copies of the canvases in multiple formats
  • Team Launcher digital badge on successful completion

launching modern teams

The remote:af Team Launch Canvas is designed for teams that want to thrive in a modern workplace. Team members in organisations around the world have used the remote:af Team Launch Canvas to align on behaviours, communication and how to deliver value. The remote:af Team Launch Canvas enables leaders to have the visibility they need while providing teams with the flexibility to unlock the potential of remote collaboration.

To use this template, upload it into a virtual collaboration tool of your choice (e.g. Mural, Miro, LucidCharts) and follow the instructions for each section.

Systems of Work

a clarified system of work enables the team to pursue metrics informed evolution, uplifting productivity and effectiveness. Evolving over time as circumstance changes and the team learns.

Remote Team Alliance

describing how the team will operate in the new normal; with respect to individual circumstances and the system of work. set intentions and form patterns for sustainable productivity in all types of virtual team situations.

Operational Cadence

providing the Remote Team with regular points for synchronisation through recurring timeboxed activities.

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planning remote events

In a virtual environment meetings and events can be more stressful than ever, with new technical and communication challenges. Purposeful event planning helps navigate the challenges of running a remote event and empowers people to unlock the benefits of virtual collaboration. The remote:af Event Planning canvas has been designed to help you plan any virtual gathering, it’s been used in business, by government organisations and even to plan weddings.

purposeful event design

We know that running events online is distinctly different from face-to-face interactions. setting intentions up-front allows for effective online connections to remaining purposeful.

  • understand the purpose and outcomes of your event
  • capture what preparation can be done asynchronously
  • use in session video time to focus on discussions and actions
  • take advantage of tools to enhance your event

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build connectivity between humans

Remote working, distributed teams and hybrid organisations are challenged by the lack of connectivity that we get by sharing a physical space together. The connective tissues that help us collaborate in the physical space aren't lost - but benefit from some dedicated focus.

The Story.Me cards provide four dimensions for workers and event participants to express themselves through. "Home me" helps people to share their home life and who they care about. "Work me" allows a space to share professional achievements, skills and roles. "Fun me" is for showing what participants do for leisure or where they'd like to spend their vacations. Lastly "Identify me" where people can share personality traits and other information about themselves.

Available on Miroverse

using the team launch and event canvas

These canvases have been made available to the public in support of not for profit organisations and community groups. With this in mind anyone using the canvas must use it in accordance with the Remote AF Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use

All copyright in the canvas is owned by Remote Agility Framework Pty Ltd and used under licence. Please respect the IP and don’t use or modify it for any purpose without our consent. This canvas general information only and not intended to provide legal, business, or other professional advice.

other canvases

remote:af guides gain access to a large selection of patterns for building great organisations where people can design work around their lives and be engaged and productive from anywhere. Here is a small sample. Take a training course to learn how to use these patterns

workplace futurespective

remote leadership canvas

remote all hands planning

remote operating model design

selected other canvases and patterns

  • remote strategy design
  • remote strategic planning
  • remote product discovery / inception
  • remote onboarding
  • remote governance design
  • remote team interaction design

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