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Remote Agility Framework Team of Teams provide patterns to align teams with data for effective planning, governance and delivery.

team of teams based events

Designed to enable collaboration across multiple teams, our Remote Agility Framework team of teams events provide an opportunity to use data to drive decision making and ensure that all our teams are aligned, successful and cared for.

R:AF All Hands Planning: Our teams understand that each team is vital in delivering value. R:AF All Hands Planning introduces opportunities for teams to collaboratively plan at scale to ensure alignment, priority of work and discover interdependencies between teams.

R:AF All Hands Review: We don't throw things over the fence. R:AF All Hands Review is how we seek feedback from people across the value chain to ensure the work being delivered meets expectations and doesn't introduce overhead.

R:AF All Hands Retrospective: If we are not improving we are going backwards. R:AF All Hands Retrospective enables our team of teams to review business and delivery metrics and team health data to drive continuous improvement.

team of teams patterns and tools

Remote Agility Framework patterns help launch new team of teams with a structured approach, establishing the remote environment, and preparing leaders for remote work.

R:AF Program Launch: Organisations that are new to remote working or are in the process of launching new team of teams require a structured approach to training their people, establishing the remote environment, preparing their leaders and planning the first increment of work.

R:AF Operating Model Design: It is critical for effective remote working that the Operating Model is supportive of how you need to work.

R:AF Operating Model Design enables you to design an operating model that understands your business context and is fit for purpose.

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R:AF Program Virtual Obeya: Remote working necessitates the need to enhance and amplify the physical benefits of traditional obeya using the dynamic capabilities of digitality. 
Virtual Obeya
provides the collaborative connective tissue that enables leaders to gain insight into the system in order to make fact based and expedient directional decisions.

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