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A collection videos by renowned global experts on how to make the most of remote and hybrid working

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remote:af is passionate about supporting it's community. All the remote things is a collection of community driven content to support the continuous learning of new remote working practices, tools and experiences.

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interested in hearing more about the Remote Agility Framework? Watch one of our community events to hear from our contributors on everything remote:af from our contributors.

is your company ready for remote work?

Andrew Blain, founder of remote:af talks with Skills for from Mars on episode 3 of Starting Remote. 

Andrew discusses the why of remote:af, how it was founded and how the framework and what modern organisations can do to empower remote teams

creating the "next normal"

Andrew Blain and Tony Ponton present at Agile Z-Day 2020 on the belief that COVID19 is moving the world to where working remotely is the "Next Normal". 

Andrew and Tony discuss the principles that anchor the framework and how Remote AF has been designed with the levels of the organisation in mind.

how to make remote work awesome for everyone

At Agile20Reflect, Farnaz Vahab, James McMenamin and David McKenzie share experiences revolutionising the tools organisations use to navigate remote working. 
Over the course of the session we share practical examples of empowering remote teams and enabling remote leadership to be effective.

collaborative planning for remote teams

At Agile Today 2021, Andrew Blain and David McKenzie discuss All Hands Planning - a collaborative approach to planning at scale with remote teams.
Andrew and David cover real world examples and provide insights and tips from their experiences.

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